Apple of Fate

Acontius desires the one thing in life he can't have–a soul mate. Raised by the Greek goddess, Artemis, Acontius swore an oath to serve her for eternity, and abstain from love.

Centuries later, when Olympus has fallen and the gods live amongst humankind, Acontius discovers a young woman who mirrors his loneliness and longing. Throwing caution to the wind, he tosses an apple at her feet, engraved with words that bind them to one another.

Delia's life is in shambles. She's just lost her job, suffered through a recent breakup and her health is declining. What she needs more than ever is a getaway trip to another country. But when she meets a playful museum worker, Delia decides to let her walls down for once, which unwittingly sparks a goddess's ire.

With Delia's life hanging in the balance, Acontius must ensure she falls in love with him––or else she'll die and he'll become another one of Artemis' hunting dogs for eternity.

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Available in: eBook, Paperback


ISBN: 978-1953238245

Publication Date: May 19th, 2021