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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an agent to submit to MTP?

No, you don't need an agent to submit to us. Please make sure you submit a polished manuscript that has seen beta readers though.

What are the chances I get accepted?

Just like any publishing house, prospective authors must query us. We'll read over the submission and decide if 1. Does this piece of work add something to our catalog? 2. Will our readership enjoy this? 3. Will this work add to our readership? 4. Has this manuscript met our criteria as far as quality? 5. Do we currently have something similar to this in our catalog?

Wait, you're an author collective—what is that?

We are a group of authors that band together and help one another out. We pool our knowledge together and often boost one another online as much as possible. It is also known as a co-op publishing house.

All of our authors are self-published. This means that everyone is responsible for their titles from start to finish. Covers, editing, and formatting are all the authors responsibility.

Does that mean you require dues?

No. We don't require any of your money via royalties or dues.

Are there in-house benefits like an editor or cover designer?

No. But we have amazing editors who are affiliated with us and offer our authors a discount.

I'd love to be on your street team. How can I do that?

You can sign up for our street team right >HERE< and by doing so you can receive updates about ARCs and also cover reveals.