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3 YA Reads To Sneak Into Your Backpack This School Year

As we all get used to that dreaded school bell again, it's time to get creative. No one can expect a bookworm to only care about physics and chemistry all day (as a general rule, I never care about such things, but that's probably why I always have an injury.).

Unless that chemistry is between two characters in a book that is secretly tucked between the pages of a textbook. Let's weigh our options here. fictional boys.... fictional boys.

Okay...I know. "Stop drooling."

But let it be known...I will always choose well crafted, fictional, love interests over anything. ANYTHING.

AND SO, without further ado, here are 4 books worthy of being slipped into your backpack and snuck across school property for when real-life is oh too much (or into your workbag. I don't discriminate.).


Heart and Hero follows Karla, a superhero superfan. When Karla enrolls New Hero University, she finds out that not only has she just stumbled into superhero-fan heaven, but right into the path of Andre, a beautiful superhero charged with keeping her safe.

Sneak this in to enjoy all of the pining and super-love in this superhero spin on prophecy stories.


Born with a discolored eye, Niabi is in for the adventure of a lifetime when she learns that this is actually the Mark of the Hunter, and it is up to her to avenge the blood of the innocent.

With her brother Crispin and their axe-wielding guardian, they set out to take up their destiny.

Sneak this into your bag to be immersed in a far away world and forget where you are.


Take your favorite Disney movies, make the characters queer, and add a few doses of The Princess Bride.

Following a thief who can't steal anything, and a prince who would rather flirt with him than save princesses, this is certainly one way to stick it to "Don't Say Gay".

Sneak this along to enjoy both gay and sapphic romance and nurse your inner child at the same time.

What are some of your favorite "sneak-reads"? Any we should know about? Shout it out!

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