A Year in Review (2021)

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The first full year of Midnight Tide Publishing was a huge success. We published over 30 titles, and thanks to our loyal (and fanatical,) readers, prolific authors, and support networks, we've grown so much!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and hope that you continue to follow us on our journey!


Die from a Broken Heart

New Adult Paranormal Romance short

If Abigail can’t find a way to survive the eerie house, then she may have more to worry about than the possibility of a broken heart.


New Adult Fantasy Romance

Crow is the second book in this dark fantasy romance series. If you love hot shifters and badass female leads, then you won't want to miss this sexy stand-alone sequel.

The Hook

Young Adult Sci-Fi Romance

Tomorrow isn’t promised, no matter how immortal you think you are. The sequel to The Pan!

Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl

Young Adult Sci-Fi, LGBTQ+

Fight like a magical girl in this paperback original contemporary fantasy in which a Harajuku fashionista battles mutants-and social anxiety-by teaming up with an elite group of outcasts. Perfect for those obsessed with the technicolor worlds of Sailor Moon, The Umbrella Academy, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Book One of the Magic Mutants Trilogy.

Music & Mirrors

Young Adult Supernatural Romance

Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, A.G. Howard, and Brenna Yovanoff. This companion sequel will make your heart pound, second-guess what you think you know, and fall head-over-heels in love with these characters.

The Spirit of You

Young Adult Supernatural Romance

Koryn will need to decide if she's got what it takes to pursue her dreams, and potentially change her life entirely, or let fear and grief consume her.

Emmie and the Tudor King

Young Adult Historical Romance

One moment, Emmie is writing her high school history paper; the next, she is lost in 16th century England, where she meets a dreamy but dangerous Tudor king who is destined for a dreadful fate.

Clouded by Envy

New Adult Fantasy Romance

He only ever wanted to be human. She only ever wanted to save him. Sometimes the very thing you wish for, is your undoing...

Veiled by Desire

New Adult Fantasy Romance

Veiled By Desire is the epic NA companion sequel filled with magic, sizzling friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and a unique fae world that will make you wish you had a direct portal to.

Shadowed by Despair

New Adult Fantasy Romance

Perfect for fans of Holly Black and Sarah J. Maas. This final NA book in the Cruel Curses series comes full circle with twists and turns, spicy second chance romance, and heart-stopping action in an epic fae world.

*Includes a bonus short story featuring Brenik from Clouded By Envy

Apple of Fate

New Adult Fantasy Romance

Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, A.G. Howard, and Brenna Yovanoff. This companion sequel will make your heart pound, second-guess what you think you know, and fall head-over-heels in love with these characters.

Liars & Curses

New Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Hades hath no fury like a demigod scorned.

Penny has a penchant for curses. As well she should, since she’s the immortal daughter of the legendary sorceress Circe and her lover Odysseus. (Yes, that Odysseus.) After walking the earth for centuries, Penny settles in New York, enjoying the Metropolitan Museum of Art and moonlit walks in Central Park. When she encounters a world-class liar who harms the man under her protection, not even the gods will be able to save the mortal from Penny’s vengeance.

The Medusa Project

New Adult Mystery

Everyone takes things that don’t belong to them.

From Medusa, it was her reputation. From Poseidon, it was his freedom.


Fantasy Romance

Ozma is the third companion book in this dark fantasy romance series. If you love sexy fae and second chance romances, then you won't want to skip this one.

Constellations of Scars

New Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Not all gifts are a blessing. Some are a curse.

The Dragon's Bride

Adult Fantasy Romance

Twisted mages, dragons, and a sacrificial bride to save the land.


Adult Contemporary Sci-Fi Fantasy

A LGBTQ+ fantasy scifi novel for fans of J. Elle’s Wings of Ebony, Marissa Meyer’s Renegades, and April Daniels’ Dreadnought.

Between the Quiet

Young Adult Supernatural

Perfect for fans of A Christmas Carol and holiday romance. Sweet and touching, this paranormal novelette will be sure to pull at your heartstrings. Scroll up and one click today for your next MUST read!

The Croc

Young Adult Sci-Fi Romance

Some secrets are better off forgotten...

As the PAN search desperately for a cure to save the forgetful, HOOK is willing to go to deadly lengths to get what they want.

The Rose and the Claw

Adult Fantasy

Rose Gardner never thought she'd leave the small town of West Ridge. But when her husband dies at war, she must return his arms to his place of birth to set his spirit to rest. After traveling into enemy territory, Rose falls into a trap. Held captive in an enchanted manor, she finds herself face to face with a beast who is equally horrifying and kind. Will she manage to complete her quest or be pulled in by the secrets of the manor?

The Littlest Mermaid

New Adult Fantasy

The sequel in the Tales of the Sea novella series.

For Roan, the littlest of Tynan's daughters, the word with the most power is freedom. Trapped behind the castle walls by a war she does not understand nor care about, all she has ever dreamed of is the freedom to see the world on land.

For Irsa, the Witch of the Deep, the word with the most power, is a name that she has forgotten. A name that she sacrificed for the magic to defeat the man who took from her everything that she has ever loved.

The Teeth in the Tide

New Adult Fantasy

Pitched as Attack on Titan with mermaids, this savage gender-swapped retelling of “The Little Mermaid” is perfect for fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout, Alexandra Christo, and Holly Black.

The Prince and the Puppet Thief

Young Adult LGBTQ+ Comedy

Welcome to the kingdom where princes kiss thieves, princesses dance with their handmaids at midnight, and non-binary magicians see to it that everyone gets their happy-ever-after.

Heart and Hero

Young Adult Superhero

BOOK 1 in the New Heroes Series a Young Adult Superhero story set in an Alternate Modern Philippines!

The Unicorn and the Clockwork Quest

New Adult Fantasy

A tale of espionage, unicorns, and love lost. Welcome to Daiwynn where magic is dangerous, but hope is more dangerous still.

A Dance with Magic

Adult Fantasy

Rebecca has lived a life of restrictions. Once a scared princess, ruthlessly controlled by her older brother, she now finds herself inheriting a kingdom that never expected to have a queen. Facing the possibility of engagement to a man she cannot stand, Rebecca takes her first chance of freedom: an enchanted masquerade located beneath a trap door.

The Bone Valley

New Adult Fantasy Romance

Perfect for fans of Kingdom of the Wicked, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Daughter of Smoke & Bone. The Bone Valley is one delicious romantic fantasy filled with swoon, enemies to lovers, and unique magic that you won't want to miss!


Adult Supernatural

As a soul lost before it could live, Ephesus was gifted a special role-he must collect the dead.

Child of Night

Young Adult Supernatural

Sixteen year-old Avery taught herself not to feel. It's the only way she knows to survive the foster system and her horrible, cursed luck. But with the strike of a lightning bolt, her world changes. A quick trip to the 17th century and back brings more questions than answers when she meets her ancestor and discovers the family’s extraordinary gift, emotion-based powers.

The Prince's Wing

New Adult Fantasy Romance

Lord Saer Tufaro was raised to be the prince’s Wing—the truest and most loyal personal guard a royal could ask for. He would gladly sacrifice his life to save his best friend—the future king of Eradrist—but that may be exactly what the rebels have planned.

The Castle of Thorns

New Adult Fantasy

With unrest spreading through the kingdom, and its people growing tired of a king who won’t put an end to the demon of Todesfall Forest, Gisela must make a choice. To become Knorren’s prisoner forever, or risk the lives of her beloved people.


New Adult Fantasy Romance

Tik-Tok is the final book in this dark fantasy romance series. If you love seductive fae pirates, independent female leads, and Hades and Persephone vibes, then you won’t want to miss this epic conclusion.

Beyond the Cogs: A Steampunk Anthology

New Adult Science Fiction

This anthology contains three impeccable steampunk stories. Ranging from the gritty tale of battling a creature who steals the souls of others, to dabbling in the taboo art of imbuing a human soul into an automaton, and even a man venturing back home only to discover he's been demonized.

A Cursed Kiss

New Adult Fantasy Romance

Living on an island plagued by magic and mythical monsters isn’t a fairy tale... it’s a nightmare.

The Curse of Flour and Feeling

New Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Sometimes you get exactly what you wish for. Sometimes it's not enough.

When Darcie lost her eomma she had but one wish, to see her mother's bakery succeed. Gwydion, newly resolved to give people exactly what they ask for, granted it.

The Wayward Tower

Adult Fantasy

Aria knows how to escape imprisonment. All she needs to do is to lead Prince Victor to his death. But she has no desire to become a murderer or assist the man that holds her captive. Instead, Aria discovers a possible solution in unfamiliar magic. The Wayward Paths may lead her to freedom, but they will require her to come face to face with the shadows of her past.