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Baby, Bi Bi Bi - Celebrating Bisexual Characters

Hello, happy readers! Lookin' sharp. Your resident bisexual author here to let you know that last week was Bisexual+ Awareness Week. Did you remember to break out the bi national anthem? If not, don't worry, we'll do it for you:


You know (*strokes wizard beard*), back in the day, it wasn't all that easy to find bi characters in literature, but that's changing, and here at MTP, we're proud to be a part of it. Our collective strives to make our catalog inclusive and diverse, and we figured this was the perfect opportunity to showcase some of our bisexiest characters.

From immortal queens to superhuman humans, we've got plenty to celebrate. Here are some (not all) of the bi characters found in our works. Let us know in the comments which ones we missed!


Bi character: Yue Cricket

The Heir to Moondust series by Lou Wilham

Cricket is the adopted son of the king of Lunette. An always clever, sometime silly, young man who just wants to do his best for his people, but increasingly finds himself struggling to know what that is.


Bi characters: Alessia & Travion

Immortal Realms series by Elle Beaumont & Christis Christie

Alessia, Queen of Lucem: Her role in the Immortal Realms trilogy is Hera. She is clever and ruthless, with a strong motherly side.

Travion, King of Midniva: His role in the Immortal Realms trilogy is Poseidon. He is witty, quick to jump into action, and highly protective of those he loves.


Bi character: Lee Matanguihan

New Heroes series by Gianne Rabena

Lee Matanguihan is an 18 year old Superhuman in the New Heroes Series. He's the intelligent, hardworking, and well-mannered resident Magic-User of the Junior Division. Although often seen by his friends as 'acting like a cranky old person', Lee isn't afraid to defend them and what he thinks is right.


Bi character: Cam

Hotel Heat series by Nicole Northwood

Deciding he needs an overhaul in his ‘life after death’, Cam, the demon of lust, leaves the Second Circle of Hell to run an indulgent hotel and club in the heart of New York City where his complicated past with Lucifer clashes with his new life and romantic pursuits.


Until next time—baby, bi, bi, bi! (Just to really solidify that getting stuck in your head.)

Find the entire MTP catalog here:

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