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Book Signings...and what you need to know!

If you haven't noticed yet, our authors have been super busy and have signed up for either major book signing events, or are visiting local bookstores/libraries. You can find a complete list by heading on over to THIS PAGE.

But, before you go... here's what you need to know! So, grab your handy-dandy notebook and crayon, let's get to it.


Make a list and check it twice!

If you're attending a major event, you better make that list of all the authors you want to stalk meet. What book(s) of theirs do you want to snag and have them sign? Or, maybe you have books from home you'd like to bring and have them sign those. Whatever the case, be sure to make a list—and bring those books from home if you have them!

Money, money, moneyyyy

Nothing in life is free. SOB. But... you'll need to figure out how you're going to pay for the new stash of books. If you don't have Venmo, consider setting up an account, because a lot of authors are setting up QR codes for this method.

Debit/credit card? Make sure you have that handy.

And lastly, if you like using cash so you can cut yourself off, make sure you've got that too!

BYOB...Bring Your Own Bag!

Make sure you bring a suitable bag that can withstand the weight of those chonky books you pick up. My personal favorites are the bags from Ikea. Some may not need a moving bag size, and if that's the case, a reusable bag from your local store works too!

What's a shoe gotta do?

This should go without saying, shoes will make or break how comfortable you are walking around at this event. The smaller events you should be fine, but those that you need to walk around for hours, and perhaps later on another event, you'll need to cradle those toesies!

Charge those phones!

You never know when a photo op is going to pop up or when you'll need your phone for payment processing. Make sure your phone is charged, turn on the low power mode to conserve the battery, or even bring a back up charger (you can find these on amazon!) so you can charge your phone during the day.

Post those pictures, superstar!

Lastly, if you met your favorite author, or just want to say how amazing the whole darn thing was, post those pictures! Tag those authors. We love seeing our fans having's why we do this. For you. Maybe a little bit for us... but mostly for you!


Well, I hope that was helpful to you. If you have anything else to add, let us know in the comments!

-Elle B

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