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First Quarter 2021 Releases [Jan-Mar]

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

As if last year wasn't epic enough, MTP is bringing more fantastic reads to the book world!

Below is a list of the first quarter releases for 2021.


Die From A Broken Heart

New Adult Paranormal Romance + Suspense

A short story from the recently published Something in the Shadows, this quick read is full of romance, emotions, and mystery. It follows Abigail, who is in a struggling relationship, and she decides to join her ghost-hunter boyfriend on a trip to a haunted house... it's an experience she'll never forget.

Publication Date: February 3rd


New Adult Fantasy

The sequel to Tin is here! An equally riveting story that follows the Scarecrow of Oz and we get to learn a little more about him and his past, too.

Publication Date: February 10th

The H.O.O.K.

Young Adult Sci-Fi Romance

The sequel to The PAN is here! And wowww! It's packed with swoony scenes, adventure, and so many new characters. Vivienne and Deacon's adventure continues, and HOOK wants Vivienne...

Publication Date: March 3rd

Magic Mutant Nightmare Girl

Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Fans of manga and x-men are going to love this one! A Harajuku fashionista battles mutants-and social anxiety-by teaming up with an elite group of outcasts.

Publication Date: March 10th

Music & Mirrors

Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

The sequel to Lyrics & Curses is just as fantastic as the first and this time it follows Leni and Ridley's adventure.

Publication: March 17th

Emmie & The Tudor King

Young Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance

Fans of time traveling are sure to love this historical romance! One moment, Emmie is writing her high school history paper; the next, she's sitting with a gorgeous 16th-century king who vacillates from kissing her to ordering her execution.

Publication: March 31st

Pre-Order coming soon

The Spirit of You

Young Adult Supernatural Romance

For those needing a quick read, dive into this short story that follows a teen band as they strive to win an upcoming battle of the band's event, but when tragedy strikes... it puts plans on hold.

Publication: March 24th


Now it's time to stock your e-reader or bookshelves! Which book are you looking forward to the most? Let us know.

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