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Kitty Cat Reads

Are you blind when you’re born?

Can you see in the dark?

Would you look at a king?

Would you sit on his throne?

*Breaks into dance*

...Because jellicles are, and jellicles do...

Wait! Come back! Please! I promise, this isn’t a post in which I perform my own one-man production of Cats the Musical. No thanks, once was enough.

*Realizes everyone is gone* ....It's so easy to leave me...all alone with the memoryyyyyy-

Okay. I promise. No more!!

Today, we are celebrating Cats at large! Think about it: cats and books go together. I mean really go together.

Like peanut butter and jelly. Lucy and Ethel. Gay men and Judy Garland (I’m allowed to say that!). Nothing beats reading a new book with your beloved feline or feline-identifying friend on your lap.

Them, and the entire feline family, are an immortal thread of the literary tapestry. It was a cat who informed Alice that we are “All mad here”. Who mentored Mowgli on the laws of the jungle. Who a baboon hung off a cliff over a clutter of antelope in the name of Disney animation.

Midnight Tide’s authors agree. For example, take my cat Evie, named after the protagonist of Libba Bray’s The Diviners series:

Or Emmy, the companion of Author Lou Wilham:

OR! Elle Beaumont’s adorable pair Laelyn and Holly:

These pals give us inspiration, motivation, and judgement (I mean, hello, they’re cats!).

But much like Mr. Carroll or Elliot, cats are also found throughout Midnight Tide titles.

There’s Lucy from Candace Robinson’s Lyrics and Curses:

The protagonist of Lou Wilham’s Curse of the Black Cat: (Who, by the way, is a PRINCE. And we all know how my boy-crazy reader’s heart feels about princes):

And more besides!

While we’re on the shameless plug train, The Prince and The Puppet Thief does not have cats. So if you’re allergic to them, please click here:

I can’t say much because I signed a piece of paper saying I can’t (I really need to read these “he has a big mouth” clauses more closely) but my next release has not 1, not 2, but three. And a raccoon! So if you’re allergic, don’t click for that.

Do you have cats? Or a favorite cat character? Tell us in the comments so that we can gush with you! And please watch out for more feline-infused releases from Midnight Tide!

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