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Let me take a #selfie!

But first, let me take a SHELFIE! This Friday, it's all about what is on your shelf and we'd like to see your MTP books on your shelf or with yourSELF! If you want to join in on the fun with our authors, be sure to use the hashtag #mtpshelfie or #mtpselfie and you might just see yourself featured on our IG or in our newsletter.

Now, let's see what our authors have in store for us, because I'm sure they're going to be gorgeous!


Brindi Quinn is all smiles with her bomb-ass genie romance, Come True! And why shouldn't she be with that stunning cover? Readers are absolutely loving this romance novel too. So why not add it to your shelf? (Imagine the shelfie pic!)

Gianne Rabena is showcasing her stunning smile with her novel Heart and Hero! Need someone to sweep in to rescue you from a reading slump? We totally suggest picking up this first book in the series and then you'll know why Gianne is all smiles!

Lou Wilham is proud of her book stack and why shouldn't she be? Look at all those beautiful titles! Plus... her hair is fairly gorgeous too!

The real hero of this selfie is HEROICS which released this week. We're not saying you should check it out, but you should definitely check it out...ahem... >>

Candace Robinson is holding up her dark fantasy romance, Merciless Stars! Did you know it's only .99 until the end of the month? You better run and grab yourself a copy!

I also spy some matchiness going on here with her hair and the cover! Coincidence? I think not!

Elle Beaumont (that's meeee) is holding her beautiful copy of Seeds of Sorrow (Book 1 in Immortal Realms trilogy.) She's also not only matching the cover but the overall aesthetic... flowers, purple, and more flowers for this fantasy romance retelling of Hades x Persephone. (Did we mention it has vampires and fae in it? Cutesty castle goblins? Werewolves? Maggiiiiic)

Jenny Hickman has her THICCCC stack of books in this selfie. The Pan Trilogy and Myths of Airren! How many have you read from this pile, reader? Hmm?

Are you ready for Prince of Seduction's release next month?

Natalie Murray is posing with her absolutely stunning novel, Emmie and the Tudor King. If you're a fan of Reign and Outlander, then you'll love this time traveling romance!

Rumor has it... a New Adult Omnibus of the complete trilogy is coming and it'll contain all the nummy scenes that were left out in the YA edition! If you sign up for our street team newsletter, you can help with the cover reveal for it too!


Now that a handful of our authors have shown off their book(s), it's your turn! Don't want to show your face? That's fine. Put it on your shelf or hold it up in front of the camera. Be sure to tag us and use the hashtags #midnighttidepublishing #mtpshelfie #mtpselfie

Happy Reading!

~Elle Beaumont

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