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Let's Talk Libraries

With all the controversy going on about that "lifehack" on tiktok that suggests people purchase ebooks off amazon, read, and return them, we thought it'd be a good time to talk about a place where you can actually do that, and it doesn't hurt the author.

And that's... wait for it... Libraries! 😱

Libraries are a wonderful source for movies, research and reference material, and of course books! And yes that even includes ebooks. Shocking, I know.

Anyway, I (I being Lou) wanted to know how a reader could go about getting their favorite MTP books from their local library, so I went to our resident librarian, Nancy O'Toole for some information. Here's what she told me.

First off, she told me that if the book is not already a part of your library's catalogue, or available through inter-library loan, you need to be prepared that getting a copy in your hot little hands might take some time. I'll provide some other possible ways to get a copy if you don't feel like waiting at the bottom of this post, but I really just wanted to make sure everyone knows this up front. All good things take time.

Now, if you go to the front desk and the MTP book you want isn't available via the library's catalogue, or through inter-library loan, here's what'll happen...

The person at the circulation desk who you spoke to will forward your request onto a librarian who purchases books for the section in question. For example, a nonfiction book might go to the reference librarian. Nancy says they call them selectors.

The selector will consider whether to buy the book when they do their next book order, in-keeping with library policy. Then the book is ordered, shipped, catalogued, and processed before it can be made available. As you see, this all takes time, and you'll need to be patient, and maybe read something else on your TBR in the meantime.

But you don't want to wait, you say? Well, here are some options that don't consist of doing something that damages an author's livelihood.

First and foremost, you can join MTP's ARC newsletter list. We send out an e-blast to this list at the end of every month, and offer our ARC readers a selection of freebies from our catalogue. All we ask in return is that when you get done reading, you go and leave a review on the books you've read to help our authors out. Easy peasy.

Secondly, you can join an author's street team. Very often authors will offer ARCs for their up-and-coming books to their street team as a way to garner interest, get some early reviews, and hopefully some pretty bookstagram pictures out of it.

Or you could join a site like Booksirens, where a set number of ARCs are given away to anyone searching the site in exchange for (you guessed it) an honest review.

Finally, you can reach out to your favorite author. We're very nice, and understanding people. That author might be willing to offer you an ARC in exchange for a bump on social media, and (I know you know where this is going) an honest review.

With so many options to get discounted, or free ebooks from MTP authors... you really don't need that lifehack from tiktok, do you?

And that's it from me for today. So until next time...

Happy reading!

💜 Lou

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