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Midnight Tide Celebrates Mothers

With Mother’s Day barely past us, we wanted to take a moment to recognize all the fantastic moms here at Midnight Tide!

Writing a book is hard work. So is having and raising a child. Now- imagine doing both, often at the same time. Are you tired just thinking about it?

It’s pretty incredible, if not nearly impossible! And each of these amazing authors do just that every day:

Elle Beaumont

Laynie Bee

Amber Duell

R.J. Garcia

Melanie Gilbert

Jenny Hickman

Kristin Jacques

Rebecca F. Kenney

Heather Kindt

Alexis Menard

Natalie Murray

Candace Robinson

Melissa Eskue Ousley

From all of us non-mothers and readers, thank you for all you do!

If you’re reading this and realizing that you’re a willful and ungrateful child/husband who forgot Mother’s Day, click here to find the perfect read for the amazing mother in your life! We won’t tell on you…

…Okay, we might tell on you. But only because we’re on Mom’s side at Midnight Tide.

Tell us about your mom or what you did for Mother’s Day this year! Did any mothers out there get a book as a gift? Show us! (We need Recs!)

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