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Mocktails & Books

Sometimes you just want to get a little fancy with your reading beverage of choice, and who are we to judge? Fancy it up, Lord Fancypants!

But maybe you also want to keep a clear head so you can binge the whole series? Totally acceptable! So we've compiled a list of some amazing recipes, paired withe some amazing books, that you can enjoy with or without alcohol.

Without further ado, here are those recipes!

First off we have a yummy Pineapple Fizz (from With Spice), that even Captain Manu Kellii would approve of, to be enjoyed with Lou Wilham's Clockwork Chronicles.

Now this recipe works with or without rum, but we like the idea of drinking it with some fresh pineapple, while curled up on a hammock or a poolside lounger. But if you can't get the hammock or the pool, just the fresh pineapple and a cuddly blanket will work too!

If you know, you know 😉 why we picked an awesome Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe (courtesy of to go with Elle Beaumont and Candace Robinson's Frost Mate.

This is definitely a pairing to cuddle up with on a cold winter night. Trust us, it'll get you warm. As for the turning that mocktail into a cocktail, maybe a little peppermint schnapps or coffee liqueur, if that's your thing. But honestly, it doesn't really need it.

Paint your reading spot red with a Tomato Water Bloody Mary sans vodka from and Amber R. Duell and Candace Robinson's first foray into Wonderland (with vampires! 🤯) Rav.

This combo should make your little goth heart sing, and is perfect for the witching hour, or any hour, really!

From the shores of Ireland, Jenny Hickman's A Cursed Kiss goes great with this virgin Irish Coffee recipe from Savor the Flavor.

Capture the vibe of Ireland with a thick fuzzy blanket, this Irish Coffee, and a hardback copy of this book inspired by Irish folklore!

If you're looking for beachy instead of cozy, look no further than this virgin Sea Breeze from Masala Korb and Melissa Eskue Ousley's dark fairytale Constellations of Scars!

Remember the hammock and lounger from the pineapple fizz? You can use that for this book too. Or just curl up on your couch, reader's choice.

Well, that was just a few of the wonderful books we have here at Midnight Tide. If we had the time we could probably come up with a dozen more book/drink pairings. But really, who has the time to list them all when there are so many amazing books to read, and delightful drinks to drink? No one. That's who.

So this is me, Lou, signing off, and wishing you a very happy month of reading! 😉

P.S. share your mocktail and MTP book pairings with us @midnighttidepublishing or using the hashtags: #MidnightTidePublishing #MidnightTideReads #MidnightTideBooks

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