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National Cereal Day!


Hi booklovers, it's me, Lou, again! And I'm here with a fun and funky #bookstagram challenge from our authors at MTP.

March 7th is National Cereal Day, so we challenged our authors to send in pictures of their books with their favorite cereals. Which was way more fun than it sounds because Midnight Tide's authors are from all over the world!

If you'd like to join in the fun post your pictures of your favorite MTP read with your favorite cereal (dry or with milk, we won't judge) and tag @midnighttidepublishing.


First we have our authors from North America with some cereals you might recognize.

So first off, we've got Lou (that's me!) with dry Froot Loops, because yes, I do eat them dry, as a snack, while I read.

Then there's Elle with her Mini Wheats which yes, yes they're frosted just like her book Frost Mate.

And the last of our US authors is Candace who loves the sweet stuff, just like I do.

Now let's go to our neighbor in the north, Canada!

Where Christis Christie is serving up some Cinnamon Toast Crunch!


Now for some cereals you may not recognize...

Gianne is from the Philippines, and I'm not sure what kind of cereal that is, but it looks kind of like teddy grahams, and I'm honestly here for any cereal that tastes like cookies so...

And finally Natalie is from Australia so she's a Weet-Bix kid.


Join our authors in sharing your favorite cereal combined with either your fave MTP read, or a MTP read that somehow correlates. (See Froot Loops with my Curse Collection, or Frosted Mini Wheats with Frost Mate) We'd love to see what cereal you all enjoy.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!

💜 Lou

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