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Second Quarter 2021 Releases [Apr-June]

As if last year wasn't epic enough, MTP is bringing more fantastic reads to the book world!

Below is a list of the second quarter releases for 2021.


Clouded by Envy

New Adult Dark Fantasy

A unique spin on vampires with hints of Dorian Gray woven in throughout this dark fantasy set in the 1990s. You'll not want to miss this wonderfully original novel

Publication Date: April 7th

Veiled by Desire

New Adult Fantasy

Another novel in the Laith series, another fantastical story that will have you turning the pages quickly! This one has a little bit of werewolf, a little bit of mermaid, and a lot a bit of wonderfulness!

Publication Date: May 5th

Shadowed by Despair

New Adult Dark Fantasy

The last book in the Laith series, and you won't want to miss it! Just as action-packed, with the same wonderful writing as the previous novels.

Publication Date: May 12th

Apple of Fate

New Adult Fantasy

Fans of Greek mythology and modern stories will love this take on the romance story of Acontius and Cydippe! A young, beautiful man tricks a woman into a relationship she may have never wanted...and sparks the ire of Artemis.

Publication Date: May 19th

The Medusa Project

New Adult, Mystery, Fantasy

A mystery revolving around Medusa that's been dragged on for centuries! A must-read for those who love mystery and Greek mythology.

Publication: May 19th

Liars & Curses

New Adult Fantasy

Hades hath no fury like a demigod scorned! Seriously. Another fantastic Greek Mythology story of gods and goddesses among us.. You must read this cleverly written tale!

Publication: May 19th

Demon Fire

New Adult Paranormal Romance

What would you do if you woke up face to face with a good looking demon? Well, you can find out what this lead character does in this first in a novella series.

Publication: May 26th


New Adult Fantasy

The third installment in the Faeries of Oz series! It follows Ozma who realizes who she truly is and what she must do... except her previous relationship with her friend Jack complicates things...that and the curse that was put on her.

Publication: June 2nd

Constellations of Scars

New Adult Dark Fantasy

A unique tale following a girl who was cursed with the ability to produce pearls...from her skin! For dark contemporary fantasy lovers looking for a new read, this one is for you.

Publication: June 9th

The Dragon's Bride

Adult Fantasy

A young seidr is given to the Dragon Master in trade for his protection, but there is more than just her future at stake... the whole kingdom is in danger.

Publication: June 16th


New Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy LGBT

What makes a villain? Is it nature vs nurture? Jericho always knew they wanted to be a hero and that's exactly what they are, but when their past comes knocking... they begin to question everything. Even what makes a villain.

Publication: June 23rd

Blood and Dust

New Adult Paranormal Romance

A quick-paced spicy novella following a vampire and a hunter. Witty and fun, it's what your e-reader needs.

Publication: June 30th


Now it's time to stock your e-reader or bookshelves! Which book are you looking forward to the most? Let us know.

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