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Spicy Books to read!

Sigh. The kids are back to school, and with it, hopefully, you're gaining some free time to yourself! Whether it's hiding in the bathroom for a half hour, locking yourself in your bedroom at night, or escaping to the library (...literally anywhere.) We have some hot and steamy reads for you to stack your shelves with.

So, get ready, get set... Here are the recs!


Frost Mate by Elle Beaumont + Candace Robinson

If you need something quick and steamy, Frost Mate is perfect for a morning or evening read. It's only a novella, but it's jam-packed with sweet romance with tropes such as found family, fated mates, and it's a fairly interesting twist on Krampus lore!

A Kingdom of Flame and Fury by Whitney Dean

Maybe chonky romantasy books are more your style and that's okay! We've got you covered there too. A Kingdom of Flame and Fury is over 500 pages of romance and quite steamy scenes.

Maddie by Candace Robinson + Amber R. Duell

Love retellings? Well, don't you worry. Candace and Amber love their retellings too, and what's better is that they're full of romance and steam! Maddie is a Mad Hatter retelling and the sequel releases this September 28th!

Seeds of Sorrow by Elle Beaumont + Christis Christie

Another romantasy for you that is full of adventure, romance annnnd delicious scenes! A Hades & Persephone retelling with a unique fae and vampire spin. If you enjoy plot-driven novels, this first in the Immortal Realms trilogy will hit the spot.


Well, I hope that hits the spot for you... and don't forget to browse our New Adult and Adult collection to see if there are more steamy reads you'd enjoy!

-Elle B

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