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Spring Cleaning

The birds are twittering around in full force, the snow (for some of us) is melting, and there’s an overall sense of invigoration in the air. Which means it’s time to talk about, bum ba-da-dummm, SPRING READING!

. . . Oh, did I say reading? I meant cleaning. It’s time to talk about spring cleaning. Admittedly not as fun, but don't worry—we’re making it bookish!

Saying goodbye is tough, but sometimes it’s necessary for the sake of freeing up shelf space for those distant TBRs that have caught your eye. Here at Midnight Tide Publishing, we want to help you dispose of your old books responsibly by sharing a few of our favorite things to do with those dog-eared treasures. (PSA: Do NOT dog-ear your books.) (Or do, we aren’t here to judge.)

Note: We are not affiliates of any of these sites. These are just our personal recs.


  • Little Free Libraries are a great way to support the community, and you’ve probably got a few lurking in your neighborhood. Simply pull up and deposit the books you’re looking to recycle. Or swap them out for some new reads — *ahem* book hoarder *ahem*. Check out to see all the registered Little Free Libraries in your area.

  • Many (not-so-little) libraries are also happy to accept donated books, either to add to their collections or to use for book sale fundraisers. Before lugging that cardboard box of goods to your car, though, our resident librarian tells us it’s a good idea to call ahead. Make sure your library is currently accepting books and ask about any genre restrictions they may have.

  • Support the vets and get a little patriotic by taking your best-loved books to your local VA hospital. Like with libraries, it’s always a good idea to call ahead before making the drive.

  • Thrift stores like Goodwill are always an option, too! We recommend checking out the websites of your local thrift shops to find out each company’s mission statement before donating.


  • ThriftBooks: Over the last ten years, ThriftBooks boasts providing more than $100 million to charity partners through its purchase of reading materials. Not only do they have a mission of providing literacy services to underserved communities, the company is also environmentally driven, recycling millions of pounds of books each year. Find out more about how to donate and about their social responsibility tenets at

  • Better World Books: Better World Books has raised over $28 million for literacy and libraries. With a mission of fighting global poverty through education, the company’s annual literacy grants fund educational nonprofits and other literacy initiatives. Find out more about the company’s values and how to donate at


  • Who couldn’t stand to make a few extra bucks? (Those gas prices, though!) For those interested in selling vs. donating, a favorite of our author group is Super easy to use, it’s a little like eBay but for books! Take a pic of the book’s front, scan the barcode on the back, set the category and your asking price, and PangoBooks creates the listing for you. They’ll even notify you when the book sells by sending you a prepaid shipping label. Easy. Peasy.

Do you know of any other great donation sites we missed? How else do you like to repurpose your old books? Please share all your bookish secrets in the comments. Now, get out there, sniff some spring air, shake out some rugs, and don’t forget to leave time for a reading break or two!

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