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The Book-Moji Game

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my ability to write words! I’m merely speaking emoji!

Because today’s post is emoji themed, and we’d like to play a little game. It’s very simple, I promise! So simple that there are no rules, no steps, and we guarantee that we will not revoke your prize car over some made-up time rule (we’re looking at you, Wheel of Fortune.)

This game is lovingly spun from my personal favorite game show, Supermarket Sweep, more specifically Leslie Jones’ emoji mini-game.

To get started, all you need to do is translate that sentence above! I’ll give you 10 seconds. Aaaaand..... go!


I’m sorry, but “Justin has the legs of a supermodel”, while flattering, is not the right answer.

Actually, what I said was, “Hi, Midnight Tide Friends! Happy Friday! Love book recs?”

Pretty easy, right? And I’ll even give you a hint (because as Leslie Jones says, “Because I’m nice like that!”): all of the answers will be A) a Midnight Tide Book Title, B) a Midnight Tide Series, or C) a Midnight Tide Author!

You’ve totally got this! Scroll on to see the questions, and then dash down to the end of the post for the answers. It’s that simple! Be sure to put your answers in the comments, even if they’re wrong! There’s no shame, and we would love to laugh along with you and, like on Family Feud, shout “Good answer!”



  1. The Pan Trilogy

  2. Heart and Hero

  3. Come True: A Bombass Genie Romance

  4. Seeds of Sorrow

  5. Prince of Starlight

  6. Fairies of Oz

  7. Elle Beaumont

  8. Siren's Mutiny

  9. Lou Wilham (loo will ham(burger)) ((It's a stretch. I know. Love you, Lou!!))

  10. Windsong

How did you?! If this were real, would you have won a lifetime supply of books or lost it all? Let us see those answers!

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