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Upcoming Midnight Tide 2020 Releases

The launch of MTP has promised some amazing books this fall. Books listed are releases from September & October. We will post our Winter releases at the end of October.


Girl in the Clockwork Tower

New Adult Fantasy

A wonderful, steampunk retelling of Rapunzel. A fierce leading lady, who is forced to hunt down other Enchanted [magically inclined individuals] and send them to labor camps winds up rebelling. Paired with the flamboyant Captain Manu, they're soon on a mission... what can possibly go wrong?

Publication Date: September 23rd

Curse of Thorn

New Adult Supernatural

Magic, curses, and a love beyond time all contained in one haunted house Abby never expected to inherit.

Publication Date: September 30th

Ragnarok Unwound

New Adult Fantasy

A mortal girl with immortal powers allowing her to play with the threads of fate becomes entangled in the very thing she Ciphers!

Publication Date: October 7th

The P.A.N.

Young Adult Science Fiction

A brilliant Sci-Fi reimagining of Peter Pan, where it takes place in the 21st century! The science-fiction aspects make sense of any magical elements, and the characters are amazing.

Publication Date: October 14th

Something in the Shadows

New AdulFantasy + Supernatural

A collection of four stories ranging from ghosts, demons, to vampires! Perfect for a Halloween read!


Now it's time to stock your e-reader or bookshelves! Which book are you looking forward to the most? Let us know.

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