The Teeth in the Tide

Trapped on a walled island with her people, Kestra aches for vengeance against the swarms of ravenous mermaids that ate her father fifteen years ago. The swarms threaten her town’s last supply ship and the safety of the brave young captain who smiles so charmingly at her whenever he makes port. With the help of her scientist cousin and the handsome captain, Kestra takes her future and her people's fate into her hands, determined to find a way to destroy all the mermaids for good.

Abused and miserable, Rake serves in the harem of the three high mermaid Queens. When he is given one of his spawn to raise, Rake resolves that his little son will have a better life. With the help of a monstrous creature that deals in memories, he discovers a century-old secret—one that could lead to freedom.

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Available in: ebook, Paperback, hardback

Hardback ISBN: 978-1953238405

Paperback ISBN: 978-1953238382


Publication Date: August  7th, 2021