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Meet Our Affiliates

Our brilliant team of affiliates offers discounts to our MTP authors.

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Brenna Bailey-Davies


Brenna Bailey-Davies is a fiction editor and consultant for women and nonbinary indie authors of fantasy, sci-fi, and romance. In her spare time she devours as many books as she can, and she loves travelling and baking. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her game-loving husband and her cuddly fur-baby.


Meg Dailey


Meg has been editing independently for more than 10 years. She’s edited a little bit of everything, from blog posts to academic papers, from short stories to novels. Her specialty, however, is in fiction, especially sci-fi and fantasy. She’s been a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association since 2017 and spent two years as Lead Editor of Anthologies with a small-press publisher. She is now an affiliate editor for the growing co-op, Midnight Tide Publishing.


Ashley Olivier


Ashley Olivier is an avid book lover, bestselling author, and full-time editor. She's worked as an editor for three publishing houses and completes several books each month for both independent and traditional authors. She also specializes in fantasy, sci-fi, YA, NA, and romance genres. She always wanted to work with books growing up, and she’s happy to say there's now never a day she doesn't get to read. When she's not up to her nose in books, she's likely at the local coffee shop or taking a nap with her two adorable cats.

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Tia Johnson

Voice Actress

Tia Johnson’s smooth articulation and captivating tone will bring your words to life. She has narrated both fiction and biography with high praise from listeners. Her talent for inflection and delivery of text allows for a seamless transition between characters. Tia has training in acting as well as classical singing, including vocal diction.

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Kathryn Marie

Press & Events

Kathryn Marie is a new adult fantasy author and owner of Sapphire Ink Press & Events. Combining her experience as an event planner, administrative assistant, and indie author, she founded Sapphire Ink to bring unique and personalized services in a variety of event and package options. Created by an author for authors, this company is meant to give a safe and affordable space to promote your book, while creating a memorable moment in your indie author career. When she is not at work or busy writing in her home office, Kathryn can be found spending time with her wonderful husband or friends,
experimenting with new makeup techniques, or watching reruns of her many beloved TV shows.


C.K. Brooke


I am a multi-award-winning published author and American Copy Editors Society (ACES)-certified book editor. Writers hire me for my unmatched friendliness, promptness, and professionalism. My obsession is delivering YOU a polished, publication-ready manuscript well before your deadline!

My all-inclusive copy and line editing package covers: PUGS (punctuation, usage, grammar, spelling), clarity, tone/delivery, story consistency, mild fact-checking, and polite suggestions to improve dialogue, character development, and more. Proofreading is also available.


Interested in becoming an affiliate?

Cover designers, voice actors, and editors needed.

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