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Curious as to what we are looking for? Well, here are a few things we'd love to see!

Midnight Tide Publishing is hunting for gritty, dark, and unique stories in Young Adult through Adult.

Specifically, these are themes we’d love to see:

• Gothic romance. Either in a fantasy world, southern, or another country.

• Dark supernatural mystery, think along the lines of The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

• Nautical-themed fantasy. Whether it’s mermaids or seaside kingdoms.

• High or Epic fantasy adult novels with deep world building, something along the lines of Wheel of Time, Kushiel’s Legacy, or Game of Thrones.

• #ownvoices fantasy or science fiction


• New Adult fantasy romance

• New Adult science fiction

• Adult fantasy and science fiction

• Urban fantasy (Think witches, werewolves, other magical beings in an urban setting)

• A new twist on any mythological being

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Please ensure all manuscripts have minimally been beta'd and proofed.

We, as a co-op publishing house, have no in-house editors, but we do have affiliated services we can recommend.

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​When you are ready, please email your query letter along with:

The first fifty pages (12 pt font, double spaced), and a one-page synopsis (12 pt font, single-spaced) both attached as separate Microsoft Word files to:

Please be sure to type your email subject as:

SUBMISSION: [Title] - [Age Group] [Genre] 

In the body of the email, please indicate any editing that has been performed on your manuscript, including beta-reads.

Once you submit you should hear from one of us within two weeks.

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