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Jason Bustard

Cozy Fantasy

Jason grew up (mostly) in central California, surrounded by rolling hills, wheat fields, and grapevines. Throughout decades, he has been crafting worlds for himself and his companions, displaying an immense passion for all things sci-fi and fantasy. He enjoys creating stories with diverse voices, intricate details, humor, and humanity. He has a BAS in Web Development, which pays the bills, but his heart has always been with his AAS in film and television production. Telling stories, visual and written, is his passion.


He currently lives a stone's throw from Portland, OR, with his lovely wife, two crazy children, two very patient in-laws, and a neurotic bernadoodle. When he's not writing or reading, he enjoys role-playing and board games, video games, RVing with his family, video editing, and, of course, cooking.

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